NZ Warbirds



Auckland’s local aviation event is back!

Join us to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day with aerobatics, formation flypasts and aerial displays.  Mark it in your diaries to see our aviation heritage where it belongs – in the sky!

SUNDAY 05 JUNE 2022*

9:00am to 4:00pm

Ardmore Airport, Auckland

New Zealand

On show will be a wide collection of historic military, classic and sport aircraft, classic cars and military vehicles.  Merchandise and refreshments will also be available.

*A full refund will be available if the event is cancelled. The event may be postponed to June 6th due poor weather.

What you will see at Warbirds on Parade

A variety of aircraft from the Great War, the Golden Age of Aviation, the Second World War and the Jet age.  Some real high octane stuff!

Please note that participating aircraft and static displays will be subject to weather, availability and serviceability.  As aircraft and displays are announced they will be added here.

Adventure flights - NZ Warbirds

North American Aviation T-6 Harvard

North American Aviation’s beloved T6 Texan trainer earned itself the title “The Pilot Maker” due to its important role in preparing allied pilots for combat during World War Two. The RNZAF operated 202 Harvards from 1941 till their retirement in 1977, after serving for 36 years training Kiwi pilots. It was the last wartime aircraft to see service with the RNZAF.

The Roaring Forties display team will once again take to the skies at Warbirds on Parade.

Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk

The Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk is an American aircraft that was the United States Army Air Corp’s (USAAC) first mass-produced fighter. Developed from the P-36, the Kittyhawk’s easy flying characteristics was praised by its pilots but loathed for its lack of performance at high altitude. However, with its robust, rugged build, it went on to become a successful, low level, ground attack/fighter for the Allies.

Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros - NZ Warbirds

L-39 Albatros

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a two seat training aircraft that was developed as a replacement for the L-29 Delfin.  It was designed to provide both basic and advanced pilot training, target simulation and perform light combat attack missions and was the first training aircraft to be equipped with a turbofan engine.  The aircraft on display was the first of its type to be exported to NZ.

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2e was a British built, single-engine, biplane first used by the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) from 1912 till 1919.  Originally intended as a front line fighter for air to air combat, their inherently stable characteristics and poor performance made them easy prey for the German Fokker Eindecker.  Despite this it was used for other roles including as a light bomber, night fighter, anti-submarine and coastal patrol reconnaissance platform, and trainer.

Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va

Debut at Warbirds on Parade!

Introduced in the later stages of the First World War, the Albatros D.Va is a German single seat fighter featuring a streamlined semi-monocoque wooden fuselage and fabric covered wings.  It was an attempt to improve on the earlier D.V which was found to have to structural failures.  When the D.Va was deployed to front line units it was already more-or-less obsolete having to operate with a restriction on its diving performance.  Despite this, the Albatros remained in front line use till the Armistice.

Siemens Schuckert D.IV - NZWarbirds

Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

During August of 1918, the Siemens Schuckert D.IV started to appear with front line units. It was officially described as being “superior by far to all single-seaters in use” and was regarded to be the best performing fighter of the Great War. Despite its qualities the type saw little conflict as the following month saw the armistice signed and the War came to an end.

Bristol Fighter F.2B - NZWarbirds

Bristol Fighter F.2B

The Bristol Fighter F.2B, affectionately known as the “Brisfit”, is a British 2 seat aircraft that was used during the later stages of World War One. Designed by Frank Barnwell, it was intended to replace the Royal Aircraft Factory’s B.E.2. fulfilling a variety of roles including a fighter, light bomber and reconnaissance platform. It was fast, manoeuvrable and could dive faster than any other aircraft at the time.

Bristol Scout D

Bristol Scout D

NZ Warbirds at Ardmore is fortunate to have one of two, full-scale Bristol Scouts worldwide. This particular machine was built in the USA by the late Herb Harkey in the 1990’s and was completed in 1997. Although it is a replica, there are original period components such as the cockpit instruments and, of course, its authentic 80hp Le’Rhone rotary engine.

Fokker Dr.1

Famous for being flown by Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron), the Fokker Dr.1 was introduced late 1917 and pilots were quick to regard it for its climbing ability, manoeuvrability, and light controls when compared to other fighters of the time such as the Albatros and Pfalz. No original airframes have survived with the last of the type destroyed by a bombing raid during WW2.

Bell 429 GlobalRanger

The Bell 429 helicopter is used by the air support ‘Eagle’ unit as an airborne observation platform.  From their vantage point in the sky the crew are able to readily coordinate the operations of ground units.

This twin-engine machine is a huge hit every time – especially with families who enjoy seeing how its cameras work and finding out more about the work they do.

Miles M.38 Messenger - NZ Warbirds

Miles M.38 Messenger

Returning after a number of years being absent from the flight line, the Miles M.38 Messenger was developed in 1942 as an Airborne Observation Post (AOP) and liaison aircraft. It was designed to operate from unprepared airstrips in various weather conditions and be flown by pilots with limited experience. Only 93 Messengers were built.


NZ Army Bushmaster

We are very excited to have the New Zealand Army join us at Warbirds on Parade to display one of their new Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles.  “The Bushmaster is an Australian-built four-wheel drive armoured vehicle.  Weighing 17 tonnes, with an additional five-tonne payload, Bushmasters can protect up to 10 personnel from ballistic and blast attacks.”


NATO Helicopter Industries NH90

We are once again excitied to have the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) join us for Warbirds on Parade.  The RNZAF “has eight NH90 helicopters in its fleet, which are operated by No. 3 Squadron and have been in full service since 2015.  They are a twin engine medium utility helicopter featuring a fly-by-wire flight control system, full ice protection system, and fibre-glass composite structure.  Its central role is to provide tactical air mobility operations for our Defence Force. This includes support to special operations, casualty evacuation, and movement of troops and equipment”.  (Text sourced


Beechcraft T-6C Texan II

“The T-6C aircraft are purpose-built for military training and have the latest technology including ejection seats, collision-avoidance and ground proximity warning systems, a pressurised cockpit and an on-board oxygen generating system to provide supplementary oxygen for each pilot. The T-6C Texan II is expected to remain in service with our Royal New Zealand Air Force for 30 years.” (Text sourced


Kaman SH-2G(I) Seasprite

The Seasprite is a “maritime helicopter operated by No. 6 Squadron. They are flown by Royal New Zealand Navy aircrew and maintained by Royal New Zealand Air Force maintainers”.  It primary missions include anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, anti-ship missile defense, and anti-ship surveillance and targeting. Secondary missions may include medical evacuation, search and rescue, personnel and cargo transfer, as well as small boat interdiction, amphibious assault air support, gun fire spotting, mine detection and battle damage assessment.


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School Age $7.00
Under 5’s Free
Family Pass $65.00 (online only)

Gate Sales:

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School Age $10.00
Under 5’s Free

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Bristol Fighter F.2B

Fighter & Light Bomber

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Engine: Fairchild Ranger 6-440-C, 200hp straight 6 piston engine
Top Speed:


Ryan STM S-2

Sport Aircraft & Trainer

Country of Origin: United States of America
Engine: LOM Prague M332A, 140 Hp straight 4 | Originals: Menasco C4 125 Hp inverted straight 4
Top Speed:


North American T-6 Harvard

Advanced Trainer

Country of Origin: United States of America
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp, 600 Hp Radial Engine
Top Speed: 355 Km/h, 209 MPH, 181 Knots



SUPER SEASPRITE So cool to have the @royalnzairforce and @royalnznavy joining us for Warbirds on Parade next week. The Kaman SH-2G(I) Super Seasprite will be on static display from No. 6 Squadron. Although maintained by the Air Force, it is flown by Navy aircrew who use it for anti-surface & underwater warfare, maritime patrols & surveillance, and search and rescue. Confirmed for Warbirds on Parade: 🔘 SH-2G(I) Seasprite 🔘NH90 🔘T-6C Texan II 📷@stu_65 📍Ardmore Airport #keepemflying #warbird #avgeek #aviation #plane #airplane #helicopter #kaman #seasprite #sh2g #rotorcraft #onlyinnz #nz #newzealand #aotearoa #auckland #navy #airforce #rnzaf #nzn #photography #instagood #photo #airshow #display #flying #flight
DREIDECKER👇 Just over 3 weeks to go before Warbirds on Parade take to the skies over Ardmore. Our popular Great War display is returning for this years June edition where we reenact aviation from 100 years ago. Will you be there?😀 Spread the word #keepemflying 📷Paul Johnston 📍Ardmore Airport #warbird #aviation #aviator #plane #fokker #triplane #dr1 #airshow #warbirdsonparade #onlyinnz #nzmustdo #nz #newzealand #aotearoa #auckland #instagood #photography #sunset #mood #autumn #nzwarbirdsatardmore #nzwarbirds #radial #biplane
BUTCHER BIRD!😬 Omaka’s resident Flug Werk FW 190 A8/N replica ZK-RFR of the Chariots of Fire Collection. This photo was taken at the last Classic Fighters airshow - way back in 2019! The autumn sun in the evening made for some stunning photography for sure👍 This machine is on display at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre and displays at the biannual Classic Fighters airshow. 📷Paul Johnston 📍Omaka Aerodrome, Blenheim #butcherbird #fw190 #fockewulf #warbird #avgeek #aviation #aviator #keepemflying #airshow #nz #newzealand #classic #fighter #classicfightersomaka #aotearoa
Lest we Forget🇳🇿🇦🇺 #anzacday The weather held for todays ANZAC flypasts over the City of Sails. Photo is from Harvard 52 in the formation as we flew towards Titirangi. Thank you to @aklcouncil and the @akl_rsa for their support.👍 Did you see us? #warbird #avgeek #aviation #aviator #keepemflying #harvard #texan #t6 #anzacday #anzac #wewillrememberthem #auckland #nz #aotearoa #cityofsails⛵#onlyinnz #photo #photographer #stunning #instagood #nzmustdo #autumn #onlyatardmore #ardmore
Aucklands Harvards👇 This was taken a couple of years ago on ANZAC Day. In total 7 ex RNZAF T6 Harvards took part in the flypast in what was a simply stunning Autumn day🍂 Can you spot the Spitfire and Kittyhawk in the distance❓ Poppy Day and ANZAC Day 2022 flypasts are confirmed. All the details are on our Facebook page. #lestweforget🌹 #anzac #anzacday #keepemflying #warbirds #aviation #aviator #pilot #history #heritage #warbird #harvard #texan #auckland #roaringforties #waitemata #t6 #photo #photographer #photography #autumn #stunning #onlyinnz #nz #newzealand #aotearoa
#rnzaf85🇳🇿 👇 Today marks 85 years since the formation of the RNZAF. A number of former service aircraft fly under the NZ Warbirds banner including Strikemaster 72 which served as a jet conversion trainer. It currently operates out of Wellington International airport. 📷Photographer: Paul Johnston 📍Location: Ardmore Airport, NZ #rnzaf #warbird #avgeek #aviation #keepemflying #aviator #pilot #strikemaster #bac #blunty #nzwarbirds #jet #jetfighter #classic #provost #nz #auckland #newzealand #aotearoa
Easter Adventure Flights from Ardmore 👍👍 The Mustang and P40 Kittyhawk are both for sale so if you have one of them on your bucket list, it might be a good time to think about it 👍 #adventureflightsnz #p40kittyhawk #p51mustang #stearman #harvard #tigermoth #nzwarbirdsatardmore #avgeek #ardmoreairport #dosomethingnewnz #supportlocal
What looks like a scene straight out of the 1940s, our Ardmore based Mustang and Spitfire patrol Auckland’s eastern coast between Duder and Waitawa Regional parks. This shot is from a recent adventure flight.😎 #mustang #p51 #spitfire #tr9 #twoseater #avgeek #adventure #warbird #auckland #nz #aotearoa #nzmustdo #aviation #aviationlovers #aviator #warbirdlovers #nzwarbirdsatardmore #keepemflying
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